I’m certainly not an oncologist, nor would I ever want to take on that role. I do know what it’s like to go through cancer, to work in the cancer community, and to listen and treat thousands of patients for the side effects of cancer. As Your Cancer Sherpa, I remain within reach as we prepare for your ascent.

“Your Cancer Sherpa”

Adding support while slaying the myths. Making the journey relevant. Shining a light on the unknown.

Working with newly diagnosed and advance stage patients on navigating their diagnosis.  Using Acupuncture, guided meditation, and other therapeutic techniques. Coping with psycho-social issue. Introducing a new normal.

Stop worrying about other and focus on your healing.  You, the patient, need to focus on your treatments without worry about others.   As “Your cancer Sherpa,”  through direct meeting locally or via video conferencing I can meet and share my knowledge, make suggestions  provide insights for you,  family members and friends.  Why should you have to make decisions or explain something that you are unclear about? 

Eileen is a healer. She worked with my sister through treatment for breast cancer, met with my family to help us figure out how to be the best support, and was an amazing friend and source of expertise. I’ve seen her many times and I always feel so refreshed and renewed. My favorite thing about Eileen is that she’s has a brilliant blend of calm, healing energy and hilarious Jewish humor. She’s a mensch and I feel fortunate to have her in my, and my family’s life.
— Melissa P

By subscribing to “Your Cancer Sherpa” series I will present short discussions on how to frame your diagnosis.  Together, we will demystify many of your preconceived notions.  With topics like:

  •    Learning to distinguish between what you hear from others and what your health care team is telling you.  

  •    Understand your limits while setting boundaries.

  •    Strategies for getting what you want, be it help, or time off from treatment. 

  •    Exploring the collateral damage of treatment and treatment options for side effects.    

  •    Learning about self-comfort. 

  •    Diet options and the million supplements you read about or friends tell you about. 


You will become part of an ever-growing community


  • You will watch acupuncture  and acupressure techniques that prove helpful integratively

  •     You will meet patients and hear their voices as they describe their own personal journey.

  •     I  will a take you on guided meditations  

  •     Introduce you to different professionals working in the cancer world

  •  Provide links to non-profit and for-profit services.   


Nutritional Assessment and Counseling

Evaluate current nutritional habits.  Creating a wellness plan.  Herbal therapies.

Detoxification programs using well established products.  Establishing attainable goals.

Strategize = Listen

When confronted with any kind of  health crisis the everything seems overwhelming.  As your coach, I will help you with the big questions.  

Who? What? Where? When? and How?  

Educate = Touch

Helping to promote a greater understanding of

  • healthcare rights

  • developing resources

  • explanations and understand medical reports and condition

  • building relationships with healthcare providers

Providing guidance and support in decisions making  

Create a healthy life style plan

Support = Heal

Eileen has been a part of my medical team for four years—beginning with a diagnosis of breast cancer and on through treatment, recovery, surgery, angst, and now wellness. She is a guide, an angel and a thoroughly knowledgeable doctor who, for me personally, has treated everything from rashes to achey shoulders to chemo side effects to colds, headaches and even stiletto stab wounds. Go see her. She can fix you. Go.
— Marnie A