Cupping & Gua Sha treatments

They both both affect the the flow of energy and increase immunity by increasing surface circulation. Cupping and Gua Sha can increase blood flow and improve lymphatic drainage, by pulling out "stagnant" blood from the capillary beds and allowing it to reabsorb into the body.

    Cups, ©  Eileen Zegar 2017

    Cups, © Eileen Zegar 2017

    Fire Cupping

    Fire Cupping is a safe and effective technique where a vacuum is created within a glass cup by a flame.   The cup is then placed on the skin. The vacuum pulls out the trapped  blood and toxins while activating the lymphatic system.

    Cupping is effective in the treatment pain, respiratory, congestion, headaches, backaches and stress, just to name of few. 

    • Sliding cupping requires the application of a light oil on the body prior to cup placement, allowing for the movment of cups along larger muscle areas. The resulting red marks look similar to the ones that appear after Gua Sha.
    • When the cup remains stationary, it creates circular red/purple marks on the body. 
    • Marks only appear in the areas where the energy flow is stagnant. All marks will disappear after several days.
    • Each subsequent treatment pull out more of the stagnation, until all has been removed.  

    Gua Sha (scraping + bruisiNG)

    Gua Sha is used to treat pain, nausea, the common cold, coughing and limited rage of motion.  After a successful treatment you will see reddened, tiny droplets of blood on the skins surface.  They have been released from the vessels under the surface of the skin .

    • Gua Sha has anti-inflammatory and immune stimulating properties.
    • Using a blunt tool, unidirectional pressure strokes of about 4"-6" are repeated along the acupressure meridians and muscles.
    • Releasing this blood  releases stagnation and obstructions that inhibit the free flow of Qi, increasing surface circulation